About Us

The Organic Health Institute was founded with the intent to offer quality education to those who are not financially affluent.

The Organic Health Institute courses and e-learning programs are intended for people who want to develop a working knowledge of the various

fields and who want to do so with peer and facilitator support.

The courses and programs in this give you the perfect introduction to each field of study.

They range between 12 week and 2 years in duration and most only require 2 to 4 hours per week to complete.

Online Classes

Being distance learning (home study) programs there are no classes or lectures to attend at a distant venue. No time wasted in traffic and

no time wasted traveling. You download all your learning material via the internet and you do the program in the comfort of your home

or office. Best of all, when enrolling in a Organic Health Institute course you are never on your own. Your course facilitator and fellow participants are always there to help you make the most of your studies.

On Site Classes

To support our local community we are also offering all our program on site at our institute. These classes are 1-2 times per week and follow a set schedule.  Contact us to inquire about the ongoing classes at the institute.


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