25 04 2010

OHI Nutrition Courses

Nutritional Sciences

Explore the fundamental science behind food and nutrition in relation to health and wellness studies.

While food is a basic need, eating involves complex biochemical processes.

Nutritional sciences ties biology and chemistry, physics, economics, and sociology together in relation to health and wellness. In addition to exploring the nutrients of food and the metabolic

processes of the body, current issues about nutrition are also covered.

Regardless of your background, this course provides a good understanding of the Highlights: science behind food and nutrition.

Ideal for: science enthusiasts focusing on health and providers, nutritionists, health educators, health writers

Lesson 1—The Science of Nutrition Lesson 8—Energy Metabolism
Lesson 2—Assessing Nutritional Status and Guidelines for Dietary Planning Lesson 9—Energy Balance and Body Weight Regulation
Lesson 3—Chemical and Biological Aspects of Nutrition Lesson 10—Water-Soluble Vitamins
Lesson 4—Nutritional Physiology: Digestion, Absorption, Circulation, and Excretion Lesson 11—Fat-Soluble Vitamins
Lesson 5—Carbohydrates Lesson 12—The Trace Minerals
Lesson 6—Protein Lesson 13—The Major Minerals and Water
Lesson 7—Lipids Lesson 14—Life Cycle Nutrition

Course duration:

This course consist of 14 weekly lessons and has to be completed within 6 months.

Fee schedule:

Deposit Payments Total price
Rp300.000 1xRp1.100.000 at start Rp1.400.000
Rp300.000 14xRp150.000 Rp2.400.000
Rp300.000 7xRp240.000 Rp1.980.000
Rp300.000 2xRp650.000 Rp1.600.000

Nutrition: Studies & Applications

Learn how dietary choices influence health and disease using the latest nutritional information available.

Ideal for:

health practitioners, nutritionists, dieticians, health care providers, HR/office managers, food industry professionals, health educators, spa/wellness centre staff, professional and amateur athletes,

trainers, coaches, gym/fitness centre staff, weight- loss consultants, natural health products (NHP) retailers, NHP sales representatives, NHP manufacturers, health & nutrition enthusiasts

Nutrition: Studies & Applications outlines the relationship between food and the well-being of the body. Learn how dietary choices influence health and disease through an in-depth look at: cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. This course emphasizes using natural whole foods and nutritional supplements to detoxify, rebuild, and balance the whole person. Specialized nutrition topics also covered include vegetarian nutrition, sports nutrition, functional foods, and nutrition for every stage of life.

Lesson 1—Key Nutrition Concepts and Terms Lesson 17—Fats and Cholesterol in Health
Lesson 2—The Inside Story about Nutrition and Health Lesson 18—Nutrition and Heart Disease
Lesson 3—The Ways of Knowing about Nutrition Lesson 19—Vitamins and Your Health
Lesson 4—Understanding Food and Nutrition Labels Lesson 20—Phytochemicals and GMOs
Lesson 5—Nutrition Attitudes and Behaviours Lesson 21—Diet and Cancer
Lesson 6—What’s a Healthful Diet? Lesson 22—Good Things to Know about Minerals
Lesson 7—How the Body Uses Food: Digestion and Absorption Lesson 23—Dietary Supplements and Functional Foods
Lesson 8—Calories! Food, Energy, and Energy Balance Lesson 24—Water Is an Essential Nutrient
Lesson 9—The Highs and Lows of Body Weight Lesson 25—Nutrient-Gene Interactions in Health and Disease
Lesson 10—Weight Control: The Myths and Realities Lesson 26—Nutrition and Physical Fitness for Everyone
Lesson 11—Useful Facts about Sugars, Starches, and Fibre Lesson 27—Nutrition and Physical Performance
Lesson 12—Diabetes Now Lesson 28—Good Nutrition for Life: Pregnancy, Breastfeeding, and Infancy
Lesson 13—Alcohol: The Positives and Negatives Lesson 29—Nutrition for the Growing Years: Childhood through Adolescents
Lesson 14—Proteins and Amino Acids Lesson 30—Nutrition and Health Maintenance for Adults of All Ages
Lesson 15—Vegetarian Diets Lesson 31—The Multiple Dimensions of Food Safety
Lesson 16—Food Allergies and Intolerances Lesson 32—Aspects of Global Nutrition

Course duration:

This course consist of 32 weekly lessons and has to be completed within 9 months

Fee schedule:

Deposit Payments Total price
Rp300.000 1xRp2.900.000 at start Rp3.200.000
Rp300.000 32xRp150.000 Rp5.100.000
Rp300.000 8xRp500.000 Rp4.300.000
Rp300.000 2xRp1.650.000 Rp3.600.000